Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Recover Gold from GPC Solution Tutorial?

Gold recovery from GPC (Gold Potassium Cyanide) solution is a very profitable business. I am going to give you a very easy process for gold recovery from gold potassium cyanide solution. Gold can be easily recovered from this solution with zinc dust. It is a metal displacement theory.
Heat the solution to around 60 degrees Celsius. You may either use a PVC/Plastic or glass container for it. You can use a glass heater for heating the solution.  Add five to ten grams of (325 mesh) zinc dust per liter. Stir the solution with a glass rod for about five minutes at least five times with a gap of one hour (each time). Leave the solution for a night. But make sure the solution should remain hot throughout the night. Zinc dust will displace all the gold from the solution by the morning. Pour out all the liquid into another container, leaving behind the gold dust.
This gold dust has some zinc impurity in it. So, it needs to be refined. For this, you treat it either with dilute sulfuric or nitric acid for five to ten minutes on a lighter flame. This treatment will produce some smoke. So, use a properly ventilated place for it. During the reaction, bubbles come to the surface and break and give out smoke of green color. It is an indication of the zinc dust being dissolved into the acid. When the gold dust is refined, the bubbles and green smoke stop completely. Wash this refined gold dust with water three to four times. Dry and melt it into a gold button.

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The comments and mails that I receive from people suggest that I am talking about producing GPC (Gold Potassium Cyanide) solution for gold recovery. It is not that. GPC is used in gold plating different materials such as artificial jewelry water taps, door handles and many more things. Some companies don’t recover gold from the spent up cyanide solutions. They prefer to sell it to the outsiders. So, this video is for those who want to make money through GPC by purchasing it from the gold plating plants. You can really make a lot of money by recovering gold from this exhausted GPC solution. Please use safety gear if you do this process.

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  1. After geting the gold dust. How to then convert it into hard gold. How to melt that gold dust.
    Please tell sir