Friday, 20 January 2017

Gold and other Precious Metals recovery from Computer Parts/E-waste

Gold and other precious metal recovery from e-waste is a profitable business. Everybody is interested in gold and silver recovery from processors, rams, chips and hard drive, etc. Some people are interested even in medium scale e-waste recycling plants. It is undoubtedly a good business. But as we all know that Rome was not built within a day. The same applies to this business also. I find a lot of people on net promising huge profits with small investments in a very short time. And that makes me laugh like anything. They are all false claims. Beware of those people! But yes, one thing about this business is very positive and that is that it can be started with as little investment as 3000 to 5000 USD and you can easily make 20 to 25% profit on that. And you can process the material in two to three days. You get back your original amount with profit. And, then again, you can purchase the material and process it in a few days only. And this way, you can make more money in a month. I have been guiding people for more than thirty years about this line. If you keep patience, you can make quite a good amount of money in one or two years. Initially, you will have to do it manually, but once you are established, you can go for some low cost machines and expand your business.
The availability of raw material is not a problem. There are many ways to procure it. You should also keep one thing in mind that you should not purchase and process all kinds of material. You should process selected items only if you want to make more money safely.

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