Friday, 27 January 2017

How to buy BGA Chips & make more money from them?

You can make a lot of money by recovering gold from BGA chips. It is very easy to recover gold from them. But you must be very careful about purchasing this material Just because the BGA chips from Chinese computer mother boards have as low as one gram of gold per kilo or even less. I remember, some ten to fifteen years back, BGA chips had a yield of 7 grams of gold per kilo. But the important thing about that was that they were all of Intel make. The Intel mother boards from which they were removed were heavier in weight than the non Intel computer mother boards. BGA chips from AMD computer mother boards also had good yield of gold. With the passage of time, more and more companies started manufacturing mother boards and the competition became fierce. Price of gold also soared. As a result, gold content in BGA chips reduced.
It is not that we get BGA chips only from computer motherboards; we get them from many other sources also. We get BGA chips from hard drive logic cards, electronic devices used in telephone exchange or mobile towers etc.
If you want to recover gold from BGA chips, make sure you do a sample first, if it is a mixed lot of different makes. Buy a small quantity of it. Try to check the percentage of Intel chips in that lot. Intel chips will yield 7 grams of gold per kilo and the rest will give you one gram per kilo. So, assess the price of the lot, according to the ratio of the chips. You can even buy hard drives in a big quantity and dismantle them. As mentioned above chips mounted on the logic card in hard drives have higher gold value. You can recover gold from drives and sell the rest of the material to a metal trader. And, this way you can make more money from chips. Another way to make more money from chips is that always buy the old stuff manufactured in the year of 2002 or even before. We still get old stuff though not very much.
By following the above mentioned tips, you can certainly make more money from BGA chips.

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