Monday, 23 January 2017

Non aqua regia method for gold recovery from chips instantly

A lot of people around the world want quick and easy gold recovery from gold coated/polished computer parts scrap or other electronic waste. Some people even want to recover gold from scrap watches and their chains. And some want to recover gold from artificial jewelry. So guys, we have prepared a very effective gold removing solution. It recovers the gold from gold plated items instantly. We have also uploaded a video on YouTube about it. The URL is:
This solution is very economical. One time prepared solution works for five batches. If you want to know more about it, you can write to us by visiting our website:
This solution does not attack copper if the material is taken out of it in a short time. But if the gold coated copper material remains in the solution for a longer period of time, it attacks copper mildly.
Some people use aqua regia for gold recovery. But you can’t recover gold through aqua regia from so many materials. For example, if you try to recover gold from gold plated stainless steel, aluminum or copper etc., using royal water, you will have to face great difficulty. Aqua regia will dissolve the above mentioned metals also. It will increase your processing cost, and precipitating the gold from AR solution will be very difficult. So, we carried out an intensive research and prepared an instant gold recovery solution. All you guys were looking for a solution that should dissolve the gold quickly and not attack the substrates.

There you go!

Note: People want to know the composition of the solution that I have used in gold recovery from chips in my video on my YouTube channel:   some people have sent me comments talking about their ideas that I have used Potassium Cyanide in my solution. This is not correct. These days there are many new combinations used for gold recovery from gold coated material. Even some gold miners are using those chemicals. Some Chinese companies are also selling such products that can easily recover gold from ores and other things. So, whatever opinions my friends expressed on my channels about the composition of the solution are not correct. It is a result of many years hard work. This video is edited. To know more about it, you may send us emails through our website:

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  2. Sir I want to know about solution..but I also know that you don't gonna tell me.. i Don't angry just because that..and still respect your innovation of solution that is good for your enjoy your secessed even if you want to share your previous information..I kindly accept it and promise that I'm not telling any one and I mean it any about this✌️

  3. Sir,Iwant torecover goldfrom goldplated jewellery.How,canI doit with the helpof your chemicalsolution.pleaseguide me.