Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to Recover Silver from Silver Nitrate Solution?

When silver reacts with nitric acid (HNO3) silver nitrate is formed. It is very easy to recover silver metal from silver nitrate (AgNo3). First filter the silver nitrate solution, so that all the unwanted material is removed from it and we get a better quality of silver. Take a plastic pot and pour all the silver nitrate into it. Now start adding HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) to it in small increments. The moment you add HCL to silver nitrate solution, silver starts separating from it in the form of silver chloride. Keep adding HCL to the solution till there is no more silver separating from silver nitrate solution.

Silver chloride (AgCl) is a curd like silver compound in appearance. It precipitates immediately. Give it around half an hour to settle to the bottom completely. Heavier particles settle immediately and lighter ones take some time to go to the bottom. After that, separate the liquid from the silver chloride by tilting the pot. Wash the silver chloride with plain water at least twice. Now dissolve some glucose into the plain water and keep it in a plastic can. Add some quantity of this glucose water to silver chloride. And stir around the silver chloride with some glass rod. Silver chloride will start converting to metallic silver. Keep doing it slowly till all the silver chloride has changed into silver. Now put this silver onto a filter paper or filter cloth so that all the water should filter out of it. You can leave it for a night. By the morning, there will be no or little moisture left in the silver. You can dry it on a lighter flame in a glass pot and melt it.

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