Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Gold content in BGA chips

How much gold from one kilo of BGA chips? Well the answer is quite a lot. You get 7 grams of gold per kilo. But, here you have to be very careful about one particular thing. And that is that you get this yield from Intel BGA chips. If it is quite an old batch from Korea or Taiwan, you can get up to 3 grams of gold per kilo. But BGA chips from Chinese motherboards have a very low yield. You won’t believe you don’t even get half gram of gold from the current Chinese BGA chips per kilo. We get BGA chips from rams also. From those chips, we get around 3 grams of gold per kilo. Some rams have normal chips. Their current yield is 1.1 grams of gold per kilo.
In my next post, I will explain the process of gold recovery from BGA chips.
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