Tuesday, 14 February 2017

CPU-Processor Gold Recovery

CPU Gold Recovery can be done through many ways. Some people crush the whole CPU into powder and then separate the metals from the powder through density separation. But in my opinion, this is not the best way, because you have a precious metals loss in it. CPU's contain gold, palladium and silver, etc. people normally think that you get only gold from the processors. It is not true. If you look at them  closely, you will see MLCCs on them. MLCCs (Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors) contain palladium, silver and gold.
So, the best gold recovery method from CPU’s/Processors is to recover gold through aqua regia. You should first remove MLCCs from the processors and store these small capacitors safely for silver, gold and palladium recovery in future when they are in enough quantity. Now break the processors into smaller pieces by some hammer. Prepare the aqua regia solution. The aqua regia solution is one part nitric acid and three parts hydrochloric acid. You should use heat resistant glass pot for it. First put the broken processors into the pot and now pour some aqua regia into the pot. The reaction will start and the solution will start eating pins etc. including gold. Do it in an open space or a properly ventilated room and use safety gear.
Separate the solution from the solids after the reaction has stopped completely. Now you need to neutralize this gold bearing aqua regia solution. And, for this, you may use urea. Add some urea to the solution, and there will be a lot of fizzing. There will be lots of foam. After some time, the foams will disappear. Now, again add some more urea to the solution. The foams will form on the surface and subside quickly. Keep repeating it till foams start taking longer time to subside. Stop adding urea to the solution, when foams take too long to subside. Now your solution is neutralized. Filter this solution and recover your gold with sodium metabisulfite (SMB)

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