Friday, 13 December 2019

How to recover silver from computer parts/e-waste/x-ray films & make money

If you are interested in making money by recovering/extracting silver from e-waste- computers, mobile phones, chips, x-rays, and silver contacts, etc. you can watch the following video for silver recovery from electrical goods. And you can write to us for silver extraction from other above-mentioned items also. We will give you many more methods for that.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

How to Recover Gold with Aqua Regia?

Those who want to learn the gold recovery process from e-waste, extensively use the keywords - how to recover gold from aqua regia. This is because most people have the conception that the aqua regia process is the only one and the best method to extract gold from e-waste. The fact is that there are many more methods to remove gold from e-waste, and aqua regia is one of them. When we choose a method to remove gold from e-waste, the first thing that has to be kept in mind is the economic viability and the easy availability of the material or chemicals used in the gold recovery process.

Undoubtedly, the aqua regia method is an easy gold recovery process. To prepare aqua regia, you need to mix one part of nitric acid and three parts of hydrochloric acid. These acids are very corrosive and produce toxic fumes. So, while mixing them, you should be careful to avoid splashes as they might cause burns. In case you happen to have some splashes on your body, you should immediately wash them with plain water.

Jewelers, normally use aqua regia to get their gold from old jewelry, scrap jewelry pieces, filings and jewelry bench work, etc.  One kilogram of scrap jewelry can be digested by 3.5 liters to 4.5 liters of aqua regia. Teflon plastic or glass can be used for the aqua regia gold recovery method. First gold scrap should be placed in the digesting pot and then aqua regia should be poured onto it slowly and carefully. The scrap metal starts dissolving into the aqua regia. The aqua regia is poured till the whole metal is dissolved. The solution is filtered after the metal is digested. If only gold metal is present in the filtered solution, the color of the solution is yellowish, if other metals such as copper and nickel, etc. are mixed in the solution; the color of the solution is green. We should neutralize the excess nitric acid from the solution to ensure easy and complete precipitation of gold. It is either done by boiling the solution to almost dryness or by adding some chemical that neutralizes the nitric acid.

By now you have got only half the answer to how to recover gold from aqua regia. Precipitating a hundred percent gold from the gold chloride solution is not as easy as it sounds. Many precautions are taken to ensure the complete recovery of gold from the aqua regia solution, and, the correct choice of the gold reducing chemical is also a very important part of this gold recovery process. Sometimes, some particles of other metals also settle to the bottom with gold dust due to some reasons. In that case, the whole process may have to be repeated to ensure the maximum purity of gold.

Everyone is welcome to ask us any questions about the gold extraction methods from e-waste either by the emails or through telephonic conversations. Our contact details can be had from our website.

Friday, 22 November 2019

How to Recover Gold from Cell Phones

People are just amazed when they hear that there is gold on mobile phones as well. Until some time ago the common notion was that in electronic waste, computer scrap is the only source of gold. And people just did not value their cell phone scrap; they would simply throw it away or sell it at a very cheap price to any plastic scrap buyer. Ever since the demand for mobile scrap grew, more and more, people started thinking what is there in it that so many people are looking for mobile phone scrap? And their curiosity took them to the fact that there is lots of gold in cell phone scrap. The fact is that you get more gold from mobile phone waste in comparison to the computer waste. And a broken or defective mobile set that you simply throw away is worth no less than rupees 200 (USD 4.44). The scraps of cell phones are so costly for their motherboards are gold-plated and all the connectors used in mobile phones are also gold- plated. And the chips mounted on their motherboards also have a good quantity of gold and some palladium and silver in them. And the ceramic capacitors used in cell phones have palladium and silver in them, and sometimes gold as well. This way, precious metal recovery from cell phone waste is a profitable business. This is the reason why many people on the net search the answer to how to recover gold from cell phones?

You have to employ three different methods to extract precious metals from mobile phone waste. The gold from motherboards and connectors can be removed through a cyanide recovery process. I mentioned in my other articles also that cyanide recovery process is quite economical and, we get complete recovery of gold through this. But cyanide being a very harmful chemical should be handled with care and be neutralized after the use. To remove gold through cyanide gold recovery process, you have to first take plain water in a steel pot and boil it on a gas stove or you can take a Teflon plastic vessel and boil the water with a heating rod. Take the quantity of water in which you can easily immerse cell phone motherboards. The amount of cyanide that you dissolve in water depends on the weight of the scrap and the quantity of water that we use. Use commercial grade sodium cyanide instead of potassium cyanide. Suppose you have 10 kilograms of motherboards and 15 liters of water, you may first add 50 grams of sodium cyanide to the water. Try to dissolve the cyanide into the water with the help of a wooden stick, and later on, you may add more cyanide to the water if need be. The strong presence of oxygen should be maintained in the cyanide solution for which different types of pumps are available in the market. The more the oxygen in the solution the better will be the dissolution of gold in the cyanide solution. Once the gold has completely been removed from the motherboards, the boards should be taken out of the solution and the solution should be filtered with the help of a filter paper. The gold from the cyanide solution can be easily separated by adding zinc dust to it.

I know the question how to recover gold from cell phones is still echoing in your mind because your question has not been fully answered. You still have to know about the gold and palladium recovery from the chips and ceramic capacitors respectively. Well, as for recovery of gold from chips you have to first burn them in an environment-friendly way, then grind them into a fine powder, melt all the metals present in the powder in a crucible by mixing borax and lead with it. After melting you will get a solid mass of the mixed metals such as gold, copper and nickel, etc. you can easily separate gold from it through an electrolytic process.
As for the recovery of palladium from ceramic capacitors, the capacitors first have to be crushed to a fine powder and then the palladium present in the powder is melted in a crucible as mentioned above with some lead and borax. After the metal melts in the crucible and settles to its bottom, pour it into a mold to get a solid mass of mixed metals such as palladium and lead etc. you can reclaim palladium either chemically or electrolytically.

You are always welcome to consult us on any methods of precious metals recovery. We are always at your service to extend our warm support to you.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Non cyanide gold recovery Process/Processors/CPUs/Mobile phones/Circuit ...

Gold from CPUs/Processors

From one kilogram of CPU of 386 & 486, we get 6 to 6.5 grams of gold. You want CPU, I want CPU, and just everyone wants them. CPUs have gold wires inside them. It is very easy to recover gold from the CPU. You can make it your part-time or full-time business also. When we think of collecting CPUs in bulk quantity, apparently it looks difficult, but it is not so. In India e-scrap business is a very organized trade. We have a great number of scrap dealers in every city, and, these scrap dealers have contacts in big companies from where they lift big quantities of e-scrap and each scrap dealer is associated with numerous mobile scrap collectors who go door to door or shop to shop to collect e-waste. And, this way these wholesale scrap dealers have great quantities of e-scrap. And, you may purchase just any kind of e-waste item from them.

If you want to recycle gold from CPUs and want to make it either your part-time or full-time business, I can assure you that it is a profitable business. You need a 50 square yard area of land or at least a 20 feet x 20 feet properly ventilated room.

The basic requirement of equipment for this business is some plastic tubs, one water storage tank, one small furnace, one blower, one exhaust fan, one big size heat- resistant glass bottle, two pairs of medium and full size gloves, one hammer, a pair of tongs, two or three different types of pliers, cutters, files and a gas stove, etc.
As for chemicals, you can use either aqua regia or cupellation process for it. The Aqua regia method is more preferable. Old CPUs have a golden cap on them but the latest CPUs don’t have a golden cap. You have to cut or break them into small pieces so that the chemicals can reach inside them to react with gold. To prepare aqua regia you have to take one part of nitric acid (HNO3) and three parts of hydrochloric acid (HCL) prepare the solution according to the requirement. Don’t prepare too much of it. Place the CPUs in the plastic tub and start putting aqua regia onto them gradually.

Aqua regia will start the reaction with metals of the CPUs and produce toxic fumes. So, don’t stand quite close to the tub. When the reaction slows down, see if the metals have dissolved fully into the solution. If the metal is left add more aqua regia to the solution, and keep pouring the acids slowly till the metals are completely digested. This reaction turns gold into gold chloride. Now we need to separate the remains of the CPUs from the solution, wash them with plain water two to three times to remove gold chloride from them. Mix this water with the solution, and, filter this solution through a filter paper.

Removing gold from the solution is a very important step and needs to be done very patiently and carefully to get 100 percent gold recovery. For this, you may contact us either by phone or through the mail.

Gold Recovery from Chips

People think that gold recovery is limited up to computer chips only. Every electronic device has a motherboard and that motherboard has some chips mounted on it. It could be a DVD or a mobile or just any electronic device. We get gold from all the chips. Gold is an essential part of a chip. It is in the form of very thin wires inside a chip. Undoubtedly, extracting gold from chips is a very profitable business. I receive numerous calls every day and most of the people ask me how to recover gold from computer chips. Before starting the business of gold recovery from chips we must have the correct knowledge of the precious metals content from one pound/kilo of chips or integrated circuits so that we make the right purchase. Well, we can’t obtain the same quantity of gold from all the chips. There are many factors behind it. Chip manufacturing companies used a lot of gold at the early stage of chip manufacturing because at that time gold was very cheap. As gold became more and more expensive, the chip manufacturing companies reduced the quantity of gold in them. But certain chip manufacturers maintained their standard and they did not reduce the quantity of gold so heavily. But they had to sell their chips at higher prices. We get the comparatively lesser quantity of gold from chips made in China.

Now, the question is how to recover gold from computer chips? Well, it is not so easy. Many companies have made a big investment in installing very expensive machinery to extract gold from chips and other precious metals from different types of e-waste. First and foremost thing is not to pollute the environment when you remove gold from chips. Pyrolysis and hydrometallurgy are involved in the extraction of gold from the chips. Chips are first incinerated, crushed into a fine powder and then mixed metals are either melted or treated chemically to separate gold from them.

In India, some people are engaged in gold extraction from chips in a manner which is not environmentally friendly. They simply burn chips in the open air. They are not aware of the fact that this kind of burning of electronic scrap gives rise to toxic fumes. Poor people engaged in this kind of work are not at all aware of what kind of health risks they are exposing themselves to? So, my advice to those who want to start this business is that they should have proper knowledge about it so that they can take enough precautionary measures.

Since obtaining gold from chips is a very profitable business, a lot of people all over the world are interested in starting this business either on a small or large scale. These days there are numerous videos on the net telling people how to get gold from chips. But they forget one thing that the use of chemicals without proper guidance can also be hazardous. I am not trying to scare anybody unnecessarily or discourage people from doing this business, but the fact of the matter is that it is always safe to have a trained teacher to guide us at an initial stage of a business especially of this nature.

We have developed some safe, environmentally friendly methods of gold extraction from different kinds of e-waste. And, we are always ready to provide solutions to your problems regarding gold recovery from e-waste. You can check the details on our website:

Monday, 28 October 2019

How to earn money fast and easy from e-waste?

For quite some time, people have been suggesting numerous ways of making fast and easy money on the internet while living in the comforts of your home. And, this has been going on even before the internet existed. The money making gurus have mastered this skill so well that they easily convince you into buying their techniques for becoming rich soon. They start by claiming to be your best well- wishers and unique examples of humanity. But ultimately the whole episode leads to their selling books or CDS etc. to you. Whether you make the money through their suggestions or not, but they certainly do.

But I would be very straight forward here, right in the beginning without creating any background for it. I am telling you this because I also want to make money when you do. If you understand completely and then start what I am going to tell you in a very short time, I can assure you that you can undoubtedly make fast and easy money beyond your imagination. You see, every day, the e-scrap generates like anything in every part of the world now. And most people have become conscious enough to get rid of it as soon as possible. So, you can make fast and easy money through e-waste business.

Here is how: you can start it by making a free website or a blog to collect e-waste from people from your city. There is a very good way to collect e-waste free of cost. But you must be honest. You must first decide that a particular share of your income will go to charity. And you should say the same thing to people on your website that by giving their e-waste to you free of cost, they will be able to help the needy people of the society.

You can either do it alone or form a group of like-minded people on profit sharing basis belonging to different parts of the city. Make a proper strategy, so that all the group members can collect e-waste from their neighborhoods as well as from certain other areas conveniently. You will soon start receiving calls from people interested to donate their electronic waste. The strange thing about e-waste is that until some time ago, people identified it with computers only. But now people have a better understanding of it. They know that scrap of any electronic device is e-waste. Be it computers, cell phones, TVs and calculators etc.

Once you start receiving e-waste, you can change a room in your house into a dismantling unit. Dismantling e-waste is not a big deal. There are many videos available on YouTube about how to dismantle a computer or TV, etc., so you can watch some videos for that. And the tools required in dismantling are quite affordable too.
There are many recycling plants that always want to buy e-waste. And, you can easily sell your e-scrap to them. But, Beware! Recycling companies don’t pay you much for the scrap. The fact is that their profit margins are quite big. This is the secret only few people know. So, to make the maximum profit out of it, what you have to do is that you don’t sell them everything. There are items from which you can easily recover gold, silver and palladium yourself.

Those items are golden fingers, gold plated connectors and gold plated printed circuit boards, processors and chips, etc. We can also help you to recover precious metals from computer parts or from any other kind of e-waste.

It is very easy to dismantle hard drives and power supplies. From hard drives, you get gold plated connectors, logic cards that have gold bearing chips on them. You also get Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCS) from logic cards. These MLCCS are a good source of Palladium and Silver etc. From hard drives you also get aluminum, magnets, bearings, motors and platinum coated platters. Platters are not worth trying. Since the recovery cost of the platinum is more than the amount of Platinum that you get from platters, you can sell such items to the recycling companies.
The positive side of this business is that it is a metal business, and all the metals sell for cash. And there is no dead stock tension in this business. So, this is the business through which you can make money easily and quickly.
This article is the property of Syed Sajid Ali, any unauthorized duplication, in whole or in part in any form is strictly prohibited. Strict legal action will be taken against the infringer.

Monday, 20 May 2019

CPU’s Current Selling Price | Golden Cap Processors Current Selling Price New Delhi, India

Monday, 20 May, 2019

Current Selling Price Golden Cap Processors at Delhi scrap market 
Indian Rupees 18, 200/-

Computer Scrap Price List in India | Electronic Scrap | E-waste Price List

Monday, 20 May, 2019

Current Computer Scrap Buying Price List,  Delhi scrap market, India is given below:

Item Price in Indian Rupees
Old Hard Drive 78 Per Piece
Sata Hard Drive 68 Per Piece
Computer Mother Boards 215 to 414 Per kilo
Mobile Mother Boards 780 to 2285 Per kilo
Power Supply/SMPS 50 Per Piece
Computer Rams 1320 Per kilo
Colour Monitor 14-15'' 275 Per Piece 
Colour Monitor 17'' 522 Per Piece
CD Rom 49 Per Piece
Floppy Drive 13.5 Per Piece

Monday, 6 May 2019

Computer Scrap Price List in India | Electronic Scrap | E-waste Price List

Monday, 6, May, 2019

Current Computer Scrap Buying Price List,  Delhi scrap market, India is given below:

Item Price in Indian Rupees
Old Hard Drive 80 Per Piece
Sata Hard Drive 69 Per Piece
Computer Mother Boards 215 to 414 Per kilo
Mobile Mother Boards 780 to 2285 Per kilo
Power Supply/SMPS 50 Per Piece
Computer Rams 1320 Per kilo
Colour Monitor 14-15'' 280 Per Piece 
Colour Monitor 17'' 522 Per Piece
CD Rom 49 Per Piece
Floppy Drive 13.5 Per Piece